Monday, July 27, 2009

Giant Dahlia turned hybrid

Thought I would share one of the quilt tops I am working on. It's a Giant Dahlia pattern. Leave it to me, though. No dahlia for me. I had to choose colors that just made me smile even just looking at them. Flowers are meant to nurture us and make us smile. Here is where I am so far. It is going slower than I'd like because to make this work, your seams REALLY have to match up perfectly. Isn't it cool how it goes as you add on more? I've never made a quilt that isn't made by forming squares or rectangles before, so this is really cool for me. Now for the test. Can you tell what flower I am hoping this turns out to look like?


  1. Must be a sunflower, one of my favorites. Looks like a very interesting pattern. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. sunflower. I love it. I did one a few years back out of blue,yellow and gold.