Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, after a 15 hour ride on Saturday, we are safely here in Myrtle Beach, SC. We went grocery shopping Sunday morning, burnt to a crisp on the beach in the afternoon, and toured the main tourist strip. While we love the condo we are renting and the ocean and beach, overall I would have to say we were all a little overwhelmed with the tourist section. The bright lights and crowds are NOT us at all! Definitely different than our normal vacations in Allegany State Park in the woods. We will be off to do some touristy things and more hanging out on the beach today...and, of course, seeing if I can find a little quilt shop to take home some goodies for me!!! I'll be posting pics later!


  1. oh you need to try either Southport or the Outer Banks in NC, Much nicer then MB in my opinion. I grew up going to MB and to be honest you just couldn't pay me to go there now. Dh and I have been once out of season to see some friends and it has changed so much.

  2. When I wasin Mrytle Beach years ago, there was a great shop in Charleston and one just south of MB that I really enjoyed! Have a great time!