Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Special Remembrance

Of course I had to visit a quilt shop while on vacation. I found a wonderful shop called "Sewing In the Carolinas". Over 5000 sq ft of quilting goodies!! Hub dropped me off and graciously took the kids for a ride, leaving me to explore the shop at my own leisure. He's a keeper!! Anywho, I have always been in love with the history of quilts and while shopping, I f0und a book by Eleanor Burns and Sue Bouchard called, " Underground Railroad Sampler". I knew this was the perfect memento to take home with me. It really connects both my vacation world here in Myrtle Beach, SC and Rochester, NY. Rochester was a stop on the underground railroad and many heros..both famous and not.. worked out of here to help bring slaves to freedom. Also, since my wonderful hub kept himself and the kids away for so long, I actually bought all the fabric to make the sampler right there. Most of it is reproduction prints of the time. The ladies who worked there were wonderful. Such hospitality...I thank you! Also, while I was there, a group of 4 women from North Carolina were visiting there on a day trip hitting lots of quilt shops. Their comraderie and laughter as they investigated the shop and shared ideas with each other truly reminded me of how wonderful quilters are. They were a delight to observe. So, here is a pic of my days purchases. Now I can't wait to get home and get started!!


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  1. What wonderful fabrics! I have been feeling the need to make a sampler quilt with historic ties, but I haven't settled on one yet. I'm sure that you will have a blast with this!!