Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 1...a New Beginning

I thought today was a good day to start a quilting blog, as I am making a brand new start in my quilting world..aka my sewingroom! For 28 yrs I have carted around bags of fabric bits and pieces and rarely used them as they were too daunting to dig through for those little pieces I needed for my scrap quilts. Then, along came Bonnie Hunter with her site and I was rescued! She has a great organization system on her page called the scrap users method. Check it out! Check out the pic of my bags of bits! Scary, huh? That is only my little leftovers. The fat quarters and larger sections are separate! Hopefully soon I will be publishing the AFTER pics. Although this seemed overwhelming at first, getting them organized now makes me feel liberated! Now I can just grab the bin with the size pieces I need and off I sew! Woohooo! Wish me luck!

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