Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aprons...another passion

Alright. I know. Aprons are not in or cool. I love them anywho. No one has ever claimed I was cool anywho lol! I love looking at them ande wearing them. The older the better. They remind me of my Nana. A short, very round, German woman who made the BEST bread pudding and all her vegies were creamed. She also just happens to be the one who taught me how to sew and how to crochet the lace doilies and tablecloths. Even after she went blind, Nana could STILL make those tablecloths. All those years of making them and she could do it by feel alone. Pretty impressive! A garage sale yesterday netted me these beauties. They are h0memade by the two sisters having the sale..88 and 85 yrs old.

Isn't this one great? It just evokes the image of card parties in the 50's!!

This one I just love the colors!!

This one is just too sweet!

Well, lots on the list for today..budget and checkbook(ugh), cleaning, driving 2 kids around and dropping a 3rd kiddo off at Rotary Sunshine Camp for a week. Ugh...that means I'll be miserable all week!! Giant Dahlia top is on my list today, also. I will post pics of my progress later!!

1 comment:

  1. I love aprons too.
    Those are some great finds.
    The second one is my fav.
    Prayers, Bo