Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back and with a new friend

Well, I haven't been around for a few weeks due to my computer being down, and do I have a lot to catch up on here! I am going to start by introducing you to the newest member of our family. We got her last week and she is an 8 week old Schipperke pup. We don't usually do small dogs in our house ( we also have 6 yr old Chow/lab mix), but this little girl was in need of a home so we had to bring her home. How could you look at this face and NOT???

She is a purebred from championship lines, but the breeder gave her to us as she has just one small flaw for showing...she was born with only 3 legs! She is missing her left front leg although she doesn't know it and already runs the dog, cats and chickens ragged around here! lol We were calling her Ihop until we came up with a name and I think we have finally settled on calling her Delilah. Well, off to a busy Saturday here and will pop in here and there today and post some of the other goodies I have been up to while away! Happy stitching!


  1. Thanks for your is always good to have someone over on my blog.
    I Love your new baby she is soooooooo cute, I am sure God will Bless you for watching over one of his little ones.
    Prayers, Bo

  2. Delilah is a cutie. I wouldn't have been able to resist her either.

  3. Your new little one is just adorable. I'd stick with Ihop as her name, it's as cute a name as she is!

    Love your stories too!

  4. Oh, Lordy, just look at that puppy's face! No one could have resisted her. Bless you for taking in a dog that few people would have wanted. I'm sure she will blossom under your care.

    And, (slightly off topic), your Dahlia quilt is beautiful. What an accomplishment! I would be scared to try. FYI, I wandered over here from the Quiltville group. Pleased to meet you!