Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hit by not one, but TWO storms!!

Well, I am back from a FABULOUS Cobble Court Quilters retreat!! I have sooo much to tell you about the retreat, but for right now, I am still keeping and savoring it and the wonderful memories all for myself. I will post pics and tell you all about it this weekend. I will say that it was in Litchfield, Ct and we did get hit with the snowstorm. Our estimate was about 14 inches of snow fall where we were, but I haven't had a "professional" total yet. I do know that despite having no heat, no power and no water since 6 pm Saturday night, we had the time of our lives even without sewing. That was the first storm. The second storm was a tornado..take a look:
This is what my sewing room looks like AFTER the retreat!! There are my projects, Go dies, etc that I brought to put away and there are 3 boxes of upholstery samples that my dad's wife saved for me from her job and my dad hauled up from Ky for me. I have a project I can't wait to start to make out of these!!!! There are also bags of goodies that my lovely retreat friends had for me. I am really the only REALLY scrappy quilter of the bunch of us. (There are 22 of us). So, while the ladies were cutting out fabrics for their projects, they saved all the scraps for ME!! Wheeeee!!! I felt (and still feel) like it was Christmas for me!! Some retreaters brought special little gifties, also. So there are bags of those, also! Last but not least in this pile are 2 boxes and a big bagful of fabrics that my pal, Kathy, passed along to me. I believe a friend of hers was in possession of most of this fabric due to the death of an aunt. Most of them are homespuns and the friend offered them to Kathy as she wasn't interested in them. Kathy also wasn't interested in them, but she knew who would be....ME! So, Kathy hauled them to her house and they then got to make their way home with me after the retreat. Wowsers...I am like a kid in a candy store in my very own house!!!! Why God blessed me with all these generous, kind, wonderful friends in my life, I have no idea, but you can bet I am so very, very grateful that He did!! Tonight is quilt league night, but I am too distracted by this wonderful mess in my sewing room to get any sewing done, I think. The plan is to get the room in order, starting with the easy stuff like my own old projects. Then I will have to reorganize my shelves (boy, am I going to need more shelves!!) the best I can adding in all this new fabric. That will take awhile as I know I will be fondling each and every piece before putting it away...dreaming of what I can do with all this. Last on my list will be going through all the gifties and mementos from the retreat and reliving it all. Ah...that is going to take a long time. As I sort, I will share pics of what I am doing..but don't hold your breath..this may take awhile as I bask in all the memories and friendships.


  1. Now that's a 'storm'! I was about to feel sorry for you- lol

    Now am just going to look forward to some great eye candy as you share your new goodies! cw

  2. Enjoy every memory & gift. You deserve them you have such a BIG heart. Hugs, SandraJ

  3. Storm or no, that's an exciting haul! I've had that happen before--people just overwhelm you with goodies and then the treasure hunt begins--sifting through it!
    I hope you have fun thinking about all the new projects you can do with them.