Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ruh Roh!

The immortal words of Astro from the Jetsons..ruh roh! I came up to grab a project to bring back down to work on downstairs while sitting with Patrick. Simple enough task. But then I started thinking about my "Gotta Make it NOW" project that I came up with before bed the other night. I do NOT want to start it until I get a few more finishes under my belt, but I decided I could at least pull some of the scraps for it..light yellows, light pinks and browns. ( easily we can let ourselves be deceived..just pull the scraps..yeah..RIGHT!). Then while I was digging through my big box of scraps waiting to get cut down to size, I thought, "why not pull some scraps just in case I decide to do Bonnie Hunter's new mystery? I am digging through the pile, anywho..might as well! (Deception #2 so far..I PROMISED myself I would not consider this now since I have too much going on!)So, now I have a box filling up for my project, 2 boxes filling up for the mystery and I need one more box for strings. What?? No more empty boxes in my sewing room! This is where the big ruh roh comes in. I have boxes...LOTS of boxes for my projects. And they are all filled. Yes, I COULD go down and get another box, but I won't. I can't. I have GOT to empty some of the boxes already here of their projects to claim the box again. This is now at crisis stage with the projects. I think I need an intervention.


  1. I am in the same delima. Should I do the mystery? Can I do it and everything else? What to do first? If I do the mystery, what colors should I use? Too many projects, too little time. I am with you sista!!

  2. You notice none of us are intervening? We have all been there - or ARE there!!! Good luck with that!

  3. I Finished the baby quilt I started at retreat. Doesn't that sound nice. LOL Work on what is in front of you. While you do that, I will work on a table runner for my daughter who called today and said can you do it & bring with you for T/giving dinner?! It needs to be 130" long & 2 ' wide to fit my new table, BTW thanks mom. Sure I had nothing else to do this week. SandraJ