Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Oh, I need this sewing time tonight!!! Work has been awful this week (and we are only 2 days in!!) and I am behind in just about everything housework wise, too. Tonight, though, is for ME. I am going to sew. I NEED to quilt up the Seven Shirt quilt. Remember that I am NOT going to start anything until it gets done?? I want to quilt it, but I want to piece something..anything! lol I thought maybe I would just piece for an hour and then move on to quilting, but I am afraid I won't enjoy the piecing because of the lack of quilting guilt! Does this ever happen to you?? Sigh..I guess I will just quilt the darn thing. It really won't take long because I am only going to do a meander over it. Then I will be able to piece guilt free. No, not really because then I will know I should be pulling box #2 and working on THAT project. I know there is a compromise in here somewhere...now just to find it. The need to piece is fierce...but, I....must.....be....strong.....


  1. you can do it! I was going to do just a couple of strings last night, next thing I know it is 2 am and I have them all done and half of a top I wasn't planning on working on. Just go with the flow

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself. Do what you must and reward yourself then with some time spent piecing. You can stay focused and reward yourself a little along the way.

    You know, when you diet the experts don't recommend totally depriving yourself. You have to earn treats and enjoy them thoroughly. Treat this as a diet.

    Or, just do what you want! I won't tell you you are wrong. I was just trying to think positive!