Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Doncha hate...

..when it is almost midnight...you are done for the day..you are settled in bed...and WHAM! Inspiration strikes! And not just ANY inspiration..THE inspiration that makes you wide awake instantly and the wheels are turning in your head and you want to jump out of bed NOW and start this new project immediately??????!!!!! ARGHHH! I had been flipping through some quilt books earlier in the evening and just when I was ready to doze off tonight, my brain put together a quilt top based on a piece of a quilt I saw in one of those books. I canNOT get started on this now!! I NEED to finish up some of these other things!!! WAHHHH...I am going back to bed now..to not sleep and to be tossing and turning while I try to talk myself out of starting on this right NOW!


  1. maybe that's why I am still up, I have a NO sewing after midnight rule but that doesn't mean I can't jot down notes (Never can decifer them in the morning though- lol)

  2. Oh yes, I know that feeling sooo well.

  3. How'd you make out with that???