Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jingle Bells and more!

Yay! Today is the Christmas
! It is never too late to join us in getting a jump on the holiday season. I have loved all the Christmas projects that I have gotten done on these Saturdays through the year. Thanks so much to Sue and Cathi for hosting this!!!

On today's list will be the Scatty Christmas Stars. I am finally all caught up and can't wait to receive the next step today!

That is the only definite on my list. The rest I am going to work on as the mood strikes me. Other items on today's agenda are: more canning, laundry, Hannah's senior pics and a visit from my oldest daughter, Jess, and her hub, Greg. Looks like it is going to be a great weekend!

I stopped at Craft Bits and Pieces the other day after work and look what I bought!

These are all someone else's ufo's. Why I need to purchase someone else's when I have plenty of my own, I don't know, but I ALWAYS do this! I didn't even look to see what they were. Just grabbed them and left. So, let's open these together! Each update I will post one of the bags and the goodies held inside. You can enjoy the surprise with me!

First up:

The tag says, "Vintage-3 rows finished and fabric to do more"!

This is inside:

Hmm..I dunno about vintage..unless you consider the 1980's vintage. What decade do the fabrics look to you? The pieces are all handstitched:

Not sure what the plan was for these...borders, maybe? Any ideas?

Well, off to get stitching. Will check back in soon!


  1. What fun to have some mystery bags to open - it's just like Christmas!

  2. Maybe borders but maybe a row in between each row of tulips with a stem and leaves to correspond? Just guessing but it would be cute. Can't wait to see your Scatty Stars!