Saturday, September 24, 2011

This one is for Sue!

My pal Shellie and I went to check out a new quilt shop that opened up in my town. It is called Cafe Sewciety Quilts. LOVED the shop! Just what this town needed. Anywho, as I am scoping out the place, guess what I see?

Pick Four by our own Sue Abrey!! Of course I just SNATCHED up the book and had to tell the owner about "knowing" Sue! She said that a friend of hers..I believe her name was Martingale told her that this was a book she had to sell! So..she is!! I had been trying like the dickens to win a copy, but I bought mine at this fine shop and am thrilled with it!

I did also buy a few pieces of fabric that I needed for a block swap. Great trip!

Then Shellie and I headed off to the older quilt shop in town. I have never been a fan of this one...not very friendly if you are not part of their little clique. anywho..nothing there.

So, off to Joann's. Shellie was in search for a tote for her machine and I still needed to get some material for a retreat we are going on in a month. Guess what???!!

MORE Pick Four!!!! At Joann's!!!!????? That is HUGE, be picked up by a big chain like this!!!! Unfortunately, there was no one around there that we could brag that we "knew" the author! (DRAT!!) lol

Sue...I am soooooo THRILLED for you that I can't even tell ya!!! Hope this made your day!!


  1. Oh woww!!!

    Thanks so much for telling me, taking the photos and buying the book.

  2. I'm jealous, I haven't found the book yet but then I haven't been out this week- lol

  3. I'm also on the hunt for this book, intend on picking up extra one for quilting guild.

  4. Sorry I could not tag along this morning - but hope to make it to that shop soon!!! Now I know what to look for! :-)

  5. That sounds like my sort of if only they would serve tea and cakes that would be me for the whole day!

  6. Well they serve coffee and a treat. Mints on the side. I love this shop. Exactly what we needed. I surely hope a special guest comes for a visit soon!!! I may have to return before retreat!! Great day Reenie thanks!

  7. Reenie-can you bring that book to retreat with you-it looks interesting. Hope to maybe get out there before we leave but you know how that goes.