Monday, September 5, 2011

Hot blue, toad green...and plum??

Yup. Only in my world do those colors look good together lol. I decided to use a plum fabric for my set in triangles after I had to rip out the original toad green ones. So, after getting them in and the corner triangles on, the center is now complete.

I know..I know...go ahead and say it. My feelings won't be hurt. I KNOW I have an odd color sense. In the one and only quilt class I ever took, when we showed the teacher what fabrics we were going to use, she said to me, "No, really..what fabrics are you going to use?" I couldn't convince her that the ones I was showing her were the ones I was REALLY going to use until I started sewing them in front of her. But hey..that is what quilting is about, right? Making things that please YOU. Individualizing an old pattern with YOUR fabrics and colors. I happen to LOVE these colors in this quilt and since it is for me, that's perfect! When I make one for someone else, I do try to tone down my choices to fit their likes.

It measures in at 66" x 79 1/2" right now. It shows up really wrinkly, but that is my laziness/excitement to post it that I didn't take the time to press it out. It does lie flat now! Yay! I still haven't decided on what I am going to do for the borders. Lots of ideas in my head, but none standing out right now. So, on to other projects.

I FINALLY got all my blocks done for the Scatty Christmas Stars and got all the rows put together:

I know..the pictures of both of these are lousy. The light in my house is awful and since I do my sewing at night, my finishes all come at night when I can't take outside pics! This one is made out of shirts. I really like the country feel it has to it. On the next Christmas quiltalong, I will take a pic of it outside so you can see the colors better.

I also got batting pieced together, made 3 more quarts of dill pickles, 6 pints of salsa canned, did loads of laundry and even managed to go to a picnic this weekend. I am not done for the night yet. I am so motivated by getting these 2 done tonight that I might see what else I can work on.

Catch you soon!!


Well, when I went to find something else to work on, I found the blocks I had made for the Mysteries for Relay Mystery #17. This one is called November Stars. Everything went completely wrong for me on this one. My color choices were horrible and the stars wouldn't come out right no matter how many times I tried them. So, frustrated, I just put them away. Tonight I just decided to go ahead and put them together anyway. I don't even know if I can donate this one. It might just have to stay here and be used UNDER another quilt lol. I just don't get it. Everyone else who did the mystery had quilts that turned out beautifully!! Oh well, that's the way it works sometimes. I don't even think I am going to put borders on this one. Just leave it as is.

Now, off to bath, book and bed. I better get busy this week quilting some of these!!


  1. How about some bright orange borders ;)

  2. I will have to see this toad green. lol. I love your scatty stars. I need to finish the Nov stars too. Its on the floor almost together.

  3. Reenie -- you know someone would love to have that mystery quilt. Don't feel you can't give it away -- it looks fine to me. Your color choices look "interesting" on my computer! There are no quilt police so have fun with what YOU like! You go girl.

  4. Love your scatty stars and I think you november stars looks awesome also! nothing wrong with it to me!

  5. wow! can I say I LOVE the bow tie setting on the first quilt?love the colors too! and they last one with the dark stars is awesome!!!