Sunday, February 6, 2011

We be jammin', mon!

Well, that is as good as my Jamaican accent gets! lol Bob Marley is keeping me company tonight while I sew and Aerosmith is on the side waiting for their turn.

First, I have a clarification. Airhead me mentioned yesterday that it was the Christmas Sew Along. It was not! lol Thanks, Shellie and Sue for straightening me out on THAT one. It is NEXT Saturday! So, instead of Christmas goodies, I worked on more blocks for the Folk Art Tribute BOM:

Now I just have one more to do and I will be all caught up.

Here is a pic of the table runner I worked on with Shellie last Saturday:

I also put the borders on Geese Crossing. And hated said borders. Spent the rest of the day making 200+ flying geese for new border and ripping off old borders. So far tonight I have 2 sides of the borders pieced and attached. As long as Bob Marley and Steven Tyler keep me pumping, I might just get the other two finished tonight.

I did great with the no spending last month. Really not a problem for me as I am not much of a shopper. I did continue to buy cigs, though. And I bought some fabric right at the end of the month. I will continue to keep an eye on what I spend..and see if I can avoid buying at all. And...I will continue to work on not smoking. I think I need to go on that tv show, Intervention. Sigh..keep saying prayers for me on that one, folks!

Frugal tip: When going somewhere you need to bring something (like Superbowl parties!), look around and see what you have to bring before running out to buy something or to buy more ingredients. Thanks to my lovely girls, I had plenty of eggs, so made up a big tray of deviled eggs to bring tonight. Big hit!


  1. Love the table runner. Good luck with kicking the smoking habit!

  2. Love that table runner. I also like the two top blocks. I'm hoping to try some applique soon. Not that I don't have enough things going already. lol

    I pray daily for you to kick the smoking habit. I smoked for thirty years and know how hard it can be to quit.

  3. Love the table runner!! Awesome use of color! And good luck with kicking the habit. DH smoked for W A Y too long and has been free of it for nearly 3 years. It is possible!!