Saturday, February 26, 2011

The post that never ends

Today I am going to keep this post running with my updates as I get to them. I have lots of odds and ends that I want to work on, so thought posting the bits I work on would keep me motivated.

I started today off with finishing up the second top made from the leftover mystery blocks. It is snowing a bit outside, so I just flopped the flimsy on the couch and took the pic. Hopefully when I get it quilted, I can take the pic outside and you can see the colors better:

I got a few more tiny 9 patches done while putting this top together to add to my leaders and enders project:

Off to project #2!

Alright. Got the 168 units made for Kitchen Sink by Kim Brackett. It is in her Scrap Basket Surprises book:

I even made sure to double seam the corners that are going to be cut off so I will have all those wonderful little ready made half square triangles for another project! Yay!!

Next on my list involves these:

I have had this pile of old jeans taking up space in my sewing room for too long. Time to start doing something with them! Stay tuned for what comes next with them!!

Well, I worked on another project while my son, Joe, did me a HUGE favor and is cutting the old jeans up for me. With my RA, there is no way I could cut that long with scissors. So, great kid that he is, he is cutting them for me...oh..and yes, I promised him I would pay for some dvd rentals for all that work! lol

So, I pulled out mystery #17 and finished making the blocks. Here they are all laid out:

Alright..onto the next item! Not sure what it is yet, but I will find something!! lol

Well, I put 2 more rows on my tiny 9 patch leaders and enders project. I really love how this is coming along!

Joe just brought me these cut from the jeans:

So, onto my project with them!!

Okay..I just started the project, and I have to tell you, I am LOVING this!! I haven't had this much fun and excitement sewing in a LONG time! Wanna know what I am doing? Check this out. First I sewed my circles together:

Any ideas yet what I am doing with them? Here is a hint:

Isn't that the coolest thing ever?? They will be a cathedral windows style when done! I am going to put some more together before I start adding the middle fabrics. Then, just have to zigzag stitch around the edges and you are done! Don't even have to quilt this one because look at the back:

Can't you just imagine how heavy and warm this is going to be?? Ohhh..LOVE it!!
The site I found this on is Blue Jeans Quilt Gallery. I found it ages ago and have been slowling collecting jeans. Can't wait to get back at it!!


  1. Busy day! I do love the cathedral windows. That is such a great idea....kudos for the person who thought of that one. I didnt even think about it not needing sandwiching... awesome.
    It was fun txtsewing with you once again. Can't wait to see you!

  2. Oh Maureen, I love the look of the jeans around the fabric!!! Looks great cant wait to see it done!!! Love ya Patrice

  3. What a great day you had. Great start to the jeans quilt.

  4. boy again you accomplish so much- love the Kitchen Sink quilt.Might have to borrow that pattern from you sometime.

  5. I love Mystery 17 and lan to check out the jeans site. You have been busy and are really achieving something. Lovely! - Mary

  6. My you have been busy! As always, your work is gorgeous! I love the jean thing! Love ya, Glenda