Thursday, February 10, 2011

A couple of quick tops

The volunteers at the Target I work at are collecting items for a local homeless shelter. I gifted a couple of quilts that I had finished, but decided I wanted to gift a couple more. So, headed up to the sewing room to figure out what I wanted to make and remembered that I had these:

These were to be my second Mystery #11 from Relays for Life. My first one is here:

I was going to make this second one the way most folks did..a quarter courthouse..kind of like a Bento Box. many others..the blocks just sat. Looking at them last night, I decided I liked them as they were and split them up into a dark and light pile. Instead of one extra large quilt, I decided to make 2 small ones. So, here is top #1:

I will make the other top with the dark blocks this weekend and hopefully get them both quilted up so I can gift them on Monday. This is GREAT! I will have 2 quilts to gift and get to cross one off my to do list!! YAY!!


  1. That is so generous of you. The top looks great and I'm sure it will become a treaure for someone.

  2. awesome, I love getting to cross things off the list! good job

  3. That is a lovely top. Someone is going to be very happy to be given it.

  4. You have doubled your joy - the joy of quilting and the joy of giving.