Saturday, February 12, 2011

Caught in the act

For the past few weeks, everytime I go into my sewing room, bunches of my fabric are lying on the floor and not on the shelves where they belong. So, I have been investigating. I first asked the humans. No clue. Next, the dogs.

"Any clue as to how my fabric ended up on the floor?"

Dog #1 Luke: "Fabric on the floor?? Just show me where it is and I will KILL it!"
Dog #2 Delilah: "Mine, mine..I dunno what fabric is but it is MINE and I will hide it somewhere 'cause it is MINE"

Okkkaayy..onto the cats

Cat #1 Buddy: "Fabric? Oh, please. Like I have time for trivial stuff like that when there are sunny windowsills to lie on. Ask those other 2 demented cats that you just HAD to bring into the family"

Cat #2 Hallie: "Fabric..on the floor in MY sewing room?? I would NEVER make a mess in MY room. You are just lucky I allow YOU into MY room."

Cat #3 Ricky: "Fabric?? Oh...fabric scares me. Wait..everything scares a matter of fact, you talking to me scares me..think I will go hide." much for that investigation. The chickens were left out of this as they don't come inside. At least as far as I know they don't.

Well, look what I found when I came into the sewing room today:

Buddy! Mr. I am so cool I would NEVER act silly or undignified! Caught him right in the act! That blur next to him is more fabric falling on to the floor that he was grabbing and pulling down! Soon as he heard me, he stopped, gave me that, "You did NOT just see that" look and nonchalantly sauntered out of the room. Sheesh!! lol


  1. LOL - I am down to one cat - so I know it is her getting up on my table and knocking little squares to the floor. Funny thing is she won't jump up anymore anywhere else in the house - claims she is too old for jumping. Yeah - right!!

  2. LOL those gray cats, they want you to believe they are all knowing and have prrrfected perfection, but the truth is a very different tale indeed...