Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm trying!!

Honest..I am trying to get some sewing done! I started quilting my christmas ornament table topper, but the day is full of distractions.

First was a visit from the UPS man. This was inside the box he delivered:

Ohhh..what IS it??? NO WAY!!!!

A new Kindle from my daughter, son in law and hub!! I just need some to show me how to work it! lol

Soon after, Mr. Mailman stopped by with a package. Inside I found this..from Shellie...umm..didn't she just see me yesterday and gift me with a great new cutting mat??

Hrrmph...pic is sideways..kinda like Shellie and I! lol So, inside these delectable wrappings are:

She made me this gorgeous wallet!!! Inside is filled with all kinds of fave part? The 9 cents! lolol

Next was this..and she is sooooooooooooo in trouble for this one!!

She gave me this Pumpkin Patches quilt!!!!! I am just floored. Can't even tell you how floored...and honored. Shell..thank made me cry...jerk!

Last but not least in any way, shape or form is this:

Today is my birthday. I wanted a blizzard on my birthday. For weeks I have prayed for this blizzard. Everyone around here was not happy with me and the forecast looked like I wasn't going to get it. This morning was cold, but sunny. People called me and laughed at my blizzard. I got texts laughing at my blizzard. God heard, though, and look what He did...just for me!! Who is laughing NOW?? Thanks, God!!!!


  1. Lots of wonderful distractions there.

    I have a Kindle and absolutely LOVE it.

    Happy birthday.

  2. It sounds as if you have perfectly good reasons for not sewing. Love the quilt Shelly gave you.

    Happy birthday Reenie. So glad you got your blizzard for your birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday to someone who really deserve it...
    paste this web address into your browser and enjoy!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! Glad the blizzard hit you and not us- I need to head out to a party this evening. Will raise a cupcake in your honor!

    (PS - LOVE that quilt!)

  5. HaPPy BiRtHdAy...and what a great friend. LOVE all your goodies...lucky girl! :)

  6. Happy Birthday!! Love Shellie's quilt she made for you!! Was she working on that at the retreat??? Happy Birthday Maureen. Love ya Patrice

  7. Happy Birthday - how lucky you are to have surprises all around!

  8. Hey, if you want snow on your birthday, you should have snow on your birthday! Our DD got a Kindle from us for Christmas and just loves it. You will, too! Thanks for taking time out of your birthday to join us!