Monday, March 8, 2010

Pinwheels, swap blocks and happy nine patches

For anyone who is playing along on the Pinwheel Party with me, the second block is now up. I think the new ones go up every Monday. Here is mine:

I looked at pictures of other people's blocks on their flicker page and it seems that mine will be the funkiest! Everyone else used either a whitish or black background and really pretty bright fabrics for the pinwheels. Oh, well. I kinda like how this is turning out in my shirt fabrics. Guess I will have to see what I think when it is all done. I never was one much for the norm lol.
I did all my cooking yesterday for the month and boy, does it feel good to know I have 29 days until I have to do it again!

Today I got the first set of blocks from Marie Bostwick's Womens Heart Health Month swap and they are GORGEOUS!! I am so excited about these blocks, I can't stand it. I would LOVE to show you the blocks I received, but some from the swap might be peeking and I like to keep them drooling until they receive their own!! The deadline for me to get all the blocks is March 31st, then I have to mail them out to the participants, so it won't be until the beginning of April that I get to share them with you.

Remember my smiley 9 patches I made a few weeks ago? Here is one of them now. Still not telling what they are going to be when they grow up. Can you guess?

I seem to have tons going on right now and am doing little bits of them all. Hopefully soon I will have something good to show you!!

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  1. Your pinwheel quilt will be very country. I actually like
    I need to catch up... Had to get a loaner machine from a friend.