Thursday, March 4, 2010

Be careful how you text!

A friend of mine texted me this afternoon about some problems she is having with her sewing machine. Some tension and needle problems. She asks me some questions and I send back the answers. She then sends me this message:

"Ya right. i thought so but im not all sex have done a lot lately....share the secret" After the coffee that was in my mouth shot out of my nose and I could stop crying from laughing so hard, I sent her back a message to read what she had just sent me. I could only hope that she meant that I SEW more lol.
She sends back:

"I told you that sew and sex would get me one day."

hahahaha...soooooooo many ways to take that. As a woman who has 6 kids, I would have to and sex DID get me!! lol
Hope that gives you all the laughs it gave me and my friend. I still crack up everytime I think of it. I may just have to save that message for anytime I am having a low day.


  1. I bet your friend is the funniest person alive!!
    *giggle, snort*

  2. wonderful

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. I am SEW glad you shared this.....LOL

  4. hysterical!! Totally sounds like something I would text, but it's because my phone likes to guess what I want to say! lol