Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today's discovery...a mystery quilt! Help!

Alright. I couldn't resist and just HAD to stop at the Craft Bits and Pieces shop today. Where folks donate craft items they no longer need or inherit, etc. Proceeds go to seniors programs and the prices are dirt cheap. Today, I really hit a gold mine. I found this container containing all these pre cut 3 1/2 inch squares and tiny 1 in squares. I was many ways to use these and best of cutting for me!! Best part?? I got the container full for 6.95!!

When I got home and started looking through it, I found these:

So, it appears someone was making a snowball quilt out of these. Now for where I need help. Here is a pic of all the precut blocks according to colors.

There are 196 squares of one print(far left in pic) and 306 squares of the assorted colors. I assume the 196 are for every other row with the others between, but I am not sure if they planned on using the other colors randomly or in a set pattern. Or, maybe there weren't going to be all snowballs (tho with all the tiny 1 in pieces, it would appear so). Any one have any ideas? All I know is I am thrilled to have what appears to be all to make a complete quilt top for only 6.95!!A quilters day doesn't get much better than this!


  1. I haven't got a CLUE! But it sure looks like fun!

  2. What a deal. I wish we had a shop like that near me. Or, maybe I don't -- I need to use up some of my stuff! I'm not sure I'd do a quilt with only snowballs. Usually there is a block in between. Maybe do some snowballs and then make 4 patches with some of the bigger blocks. (but, do the math to make sure it will work...) That's a pretty small snowball now that I think about it. Have fun playing with it. Maybe spend some time at The Quilters Cache in the 6" block section...

  3. wow! how wonderful. all the cutting done. I will stay tuned to see what ya come up with.Thanks for sharing,Amy

  4. Very cool and what a stupendous deal!! Good luck with it!

  5. This post struck a chord. I pulled out a UFO a few months ago and couldn't remember how it went together. I knew the pattern was in a book, but not which one. So there I sat all evening, going through every quilting book in the bookcase, until I found the pattern. Now, the book is stored on the shelf with the UFO. I didn't start on it after all, but at least I'll know what I was doing when I do! I need to scan the patterns out of the books and store them with the fabric or UFO they are meant to go with.