Friday, August 14, 2009

Random thought

Having found all the pieces for what appears to be a snowball quilt with no knowledge of how these were intended to be laid out, what the color design was or even if this was going to be all snowballs, I find myself stressing over what to do with this bounty. Yes, I know I can do whatever I like with it, but I would really like to do whatever the original owner of these pieces intended. The shop I got them at generally gets the stash from people who have passed on or become unable to finish these items, from the family members sorting through the persons belongings. I feel a kinship with them when I get something like this and feel honored to finish their hard work. I have decided that from now on, when I start a new quilt, I am going to write up a little info and keep it with the quilt makings. The pattern name, dimensions, color placement, etc. Not only will it remind me later if I don't get to it right away, but, who knows...maybe someday some quilter will be sitting at her kitchen table, staring at squares that I cut out, wondering just what I had in mind. Just a thought....

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