Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sorry for the dark picture, but my light is awful in the house for taking pics! I finished my Trees of Life wallhanging. The pattern is by Edyta Sitar and this measures in at 40" x 60". I had the top and bottom applique done a while ago. I had done it by hand and I was not happy with it. I know that is something I need to practice, but I LOVE this wallhanging and wanted it to look great..not with my lumps and bumps! So, I ripped it out and started over using machine applique. I am MUCH happier with the look. Plus, it is DONE! Woohooo! Okay, well, the top is done..still have to quilt it, but I will take this accomplishment for the day!

Here is a closer pic of the applique:

I will post a better pic as soon as I can find the light! lol

That is all I got done this weekend. My rheumatoid arthritis is kicking my butt. The fatigue that comes along with a flareup is ridiculous, and the painkillers I take make me not able to sleep, so I am whooped. Hopefully this flareup will past quickly. I do NOT have time for this!

Frugal tip: Make your own mixes! Stop running out and buying things like cocoa mix, taco mix, biscuit mix, etc. It is soooooooo easy and much cheaper to make your own. There are a lot of recipes online for these items and so much more.


  1. Sorry about the athritis, hope it goes away quickly.

    Your hanging looks beautiful, and the applique is awesome. I can not do machine applique for the life of me and am always envious of those who can.

  2. I swear girl, you're your own worst critic. That wall hanging is beautiful and I'm envious of your applique. I tried it once and it was a disaster.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Love the wall hanging.
    I hope your flareup wears off soon

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  4. I love it! You did a great job!
    That is a great tip as well. My favorite is using clothes pins as chip clips. Last longer, you get a whole bag of them, and stronger.

    Prayers your way for sleep and no pain.

  5. Sorry you are not feeling well. I have aches and pains in my joints with weather changes, but being on celebrex helps.

    Love you wall hanging. I don't see anything wrong with it.

    Hope your ailments end soon so you can do what you want!

  6. Wow -- I love your tree of life wall hanging. Name the book or is it just a pattern. I really would like to make a tree of life something. Hope the health irritation goes away for a long time. It always amazes me how much you get done! Congratulations.... B.