Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Almost done Jitterbugging!

My Jitterbug quilt is 2/3 of the way quilted! This will be an easy finish tonight as I am doing a large meander on it. Sew the binding on it then I can handstitch it down while watching tv tonight. This will be my first finish for the year. Yay! I will post a pic later when I am done quilting it.

Still no buying! So far so good. One thing I had a hard time with today was not buying socks. When you work at Target like I do, temptation is everywhere! Plus, I am a sockaholic. I love socks..all socks..especially goofy socks. Well, the craving to buy new socks created my frugal tip for the day:

Sew your holey socks, darn it (pun intended)!! Since I was good about not buying the socks, I came home and went through my sock drawer and came up with these:

Now, I have always known I SHOULD stitch them up..and COULD stitch them up..but I never have. I just throw them away and buy new. So, I put these in a little basket with some thread, needle and scissors and tonight while watching tv I WILL stitch these babies up. How easy is that? For that little amount of effort I will regain 10 pairs of socks that I haven't been able to wear. The socks I looked at today were only $1 a pair, so sewing these 10 pair up saved me $10 today. Plus..this was my first cigaretteless day..a savings of $10 here in NY.( Yes..cigs cost $10 a pack here and I smoke a pack a day!!). So, here is my total savings average for me so far in my 3 days of non spending:

$124.95 geraniums
10.00 socks
10.00 cigs
$144.95 in just 3 days!!


  1. I'm so proud of you for not smoking today. Just think how much you can save over the course of a year. I've always darned our socks when they get a hole in them. My mom always darned socks and I just never thought of not doing so.

  2. Oh Maureen, I am so happy that you did not smoke today! I know you can do it!! Take it one day at a time. You can do it! Patrice

  3. The quilt looks great - way to go with the saving too.

  4. Good for you on the savings and on the non-smoking. As an ex smoker, I know how difficult that can be.

    I love the quilt you're doing too.

  5. way to go Reenie-and I can darn the holes in my toes but it's not very comfortable when I try to do the hole in my heel.
    Congrats on the no smoking- I know that will be your biggest challenge.

  6. Go Rennie!! Everyday without a smokie is a good day for you.

    Just think, you are saving for the next retreat.