Saturday, January 8, 2011

Calling it a night

Well, I didn't do half bad today. I got 15 full blocks put together for the string quilt:

If I go with what I have planned in my mind, that is half the blocks I need. So, I figured I needed 60 more string blocks, so I got to work on those and got 26 more done:

So far the non spending has been a piece of cake. I really am not much of a shopper. The non smoking isn't going so well. I don't have to buy those as hub smokes and I cheat and just smoke his! Monday is my official quit day, though. I work 9-7 and that should keep my mind occupied. I did have to go out today to bring Hannah on a job interview and since we had some time to kill, it was difficult to not just pop into a shop and browse..which would have led to purchasing something. So, that goes with my next frugal tip:

Stay home! Lot less temptation if you aren't around the things to purchase. Plus, it saves on gas, which is absolutely ridiculous right now AND since you are home, gives you more time to accomplish what you need to!


  1. So agree on the stay home tip! It really keeps you from buying in quilt shops too!

  2. Yep staying home is the easiest way to not spend. Unless... geeze I always find a loop hole. Mouth shut.
    I love your blocks. You are so productive. This quilt is going to be fabulous.

  3. Love this quilt!! What a creative way to use string blocks!!!

  4. The string quilt is going to be awesome. I don't go to JoAnns for anything because I know I'll buy fabric. My stash is tiny compared to most but I'm still determined to use what I have before I buy any. I'm still praying for you to be able to quit smoking. So if you feel a little nudge when you light up, it's just me. :)

  5. Love what you are doing for the string quilt.

    Sending positive thoughts on the quitting smoking. If you can resist buying fabric the smoking bit should be easy.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  6. Reenie - this quilt is turning out so great! Love the dark block in the center.

    Staying home does help - and CLOSING browser windows helps, too.... oh so dangerous!

  7. I Love this quilt are doing a great job on it....can't wait to see it finished...
    Prayers, Bo

  8. I love the dark centers-you have such a way with your scrap quilts. I made one yesterday-or tried to -and it is awful. Back to the seam ripper and i will try again.

  9. I so love to quilt except I just don't do the little cute blocks and designs.. your work is wonderful! Love your blog header quilt.
    Found your site from Jackie's blog(Granny)...I need to come back and read more. You might teach me a thing or two!