Sunday, December 5, 2010

Important Human Service Announcement

The light chat on my blog stops for today. No pictures of projects being worked on will be shown..though I do have some for tomorrow.

I am stopping the frivolity for the day to remember 1985. Do you remember it? I was 21 way back then. The 80's were a lot of things, and most we would like to forget. One thing stands out, though, that we as humans dare NOT forget. 1985...the year when it seemed like the world cared..and we could and WOULD do something to make the world a better place. Where has that gone? We are all so caught up in our lives that it seems like we have forgotten that the world doesn't revolve around us. I have been scurrying around trying to get things done for the holidays and I bet you have, too. Does that extra plate of cookies we HAVE to make really matter? Will Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) really be ruined if something doesn't get done?

What about the people who are hungry tonight? Who tuck their children in with empty bellies? Who live on the streets and huddle together to stay warm? Breaks my heart...and I know it must be breaking God's heart.

You can't watch these videos from 1985 and NOT catch that contagious fire of making the world a better place. So, I am challenging you. Put these videos on your blog so that others can catch this fire. I will be keeping these videos on my blog through the month of December to keep reminding myself..and you..of what we used to think we could do. I would love it if you would, also..and if you would leave me a message of what you have done.

I am going down to the Open Door Mission in Rochester to hand out my quilts tonight to some of the folks. What are YOU going to


  1. I remember live aid very well. I buy gloves and socks all year long at yard sales and the GW. I take boxes of them several times a year to the missions here in town. I also make fleece scarves for the mission.

  2. I remember Christmas 1985 very well, we had a new son and celebrated by hosting a Christmas party at the home where we adopted him. This year I gave in a different way, which I know will help, $ to a local group who are collecting things for homeless children in our school district. One of the richest in the state, and there are 91 homeless children. Thanks for reminding us all.

  3. thanks for the reminder that there is always a bit more we can do for those who have less than we do.This year some of our college students were not eating and when we put out the call to our church members they responded with more than enough.

  4. We've donated about $2000 dollars in the last month to the local schools to help buy clothes and necessary items (soap, shampoo, laundry detergent) for the poor students. We both work in these schools and it is horrible how the recession has hit some families. So many children are "homeless" yet still trying to go to school. Anyhow, that is our latest charity offering....Statistically, 20% of children in the US are living in poverty....