Wednesday, December 15, 2010

String fling!

Haven't been in the sewing room at all until last night. I went in to work on a secret santa gift. Hmm..far as I know that doesn't include making more string blocks. Yet, that is what I did. I thought I would just make a few more until I started the gift. 36 blocks later, I was done for the night lol. I am now up to 60 string blocks. I am thinking that I need 120 of them. Dear God, please make me stop at 120!! I have other projects that need to be worked on! lol This Saturday Shellie is coming over for a sew in and my plan is to make the flying geese that I am planning on using with these string blocks. Worse case scenario, I will have enough blocks between those two types to end up with 2 different quilts! lol

Tonight I WILL work on the secret santa gift and another project or two. I WILL. I will show pics at the end of the night so I have some accountability here. It is already half way through the week and I haven't posted my list to get done. I better hustle butt!

1) secret santa gift
2) ornament table runner
3) quilt Chunky Churndash
4) flying geese blocks
5) 60 more string blocks..yay!! not even a DENT in the string bins!!

Now, you might remember that in November, I headed off to Ct for a retreat with a great bunch of quilters. We all met via Marie Bostwick's website. We all love her books and love quilting, so what better to get together with her and each other for a weekend! We had such a great time and guess what? It was written up by Meg Cox of Quilter's Home Magazine! You can read the article here and check out a pic of us all together!! I just can't wait until next year's retreat!! If you are interested, check out Marie's site. We have a great forum there where we all chat, share recipes, gift ideas, quilting stories, etc. It is a great community to be in!!

Updates later!!


  1. Every time I see the string blocks I love them more. They are going to make a beautiful quilt.

  2. I love the idea of flying geese and strings. bet we see a lot more of them after you start posting your progress.

    merry christmas! cw