Sunday, December 19, 2010

Satisfied Saturday

Well, I had a great time sewing/visiting with Shellie yesterday. We started off with some donut holes and coffee, of course. Then we moved on to exchanging gifts. As my own personal enabler, Shellie first gave me this as she knows I am addicted to quilt books:

Then, she bowled me over with this gift that she made me:

Isn't this scarf amazing?? She even made it in my fave!! I wore it all day yesterday!!

I gave her her gift which was the mini tree table runner! I only said it was for my secret santa so she wouldn't know!

We did get some sewing done. First we started with these little quiltlets which still have to be embroidered. We both made 2, but I only took a pic of one:

Then we started making trees for more mini tree table runners. Shellie hadn't paper pieced before so it was fun to show her how. Once she got the hang of it, she was on a roll! I got 4 trees made before our time ran out. We then packed up Shellie's stuff and headed over to Craft Bits and Pieces so Shellie could get her bargain fix. She did a ton of fabric for $10. I bought not ONE piece of fabric!! You have no idea the restraint it took! I need NOTHING, tho, so I was good. Well, until I saw this in the case:

I know it is a baaaaaad pic, but Hannah and I must have taken a million pics and couldn't get it to focus any better. I just LOVE this watch with the scissors hands! It cost me all of 4.95! lol What a deal.

Last, here is a pic of my new mini tree table runner sans binding:

I also got my Chunky churndash all sandwiched and ready to go. Need to get that quilted as it is a gift for my oldest son, Tom. Also on the agenda is helping Hannah make some picture wallhangings for her two best friends. Full day, so better get going!


  1. Oh what fun you both had, wish I lived closer. Love the new tree table runner. What were you doing up at 6:02 am!! Talk soon Love ya Patrice

  2. Love the book that you got from Shellie - I look at that one every time I am in a shop that has it! I also love your trees and they have inspired me...I am making a quilt for a friend (very slowly) and these will be the perfect filler blocks - thanks for sharing them!

  3. I had so much fun. Thanks Reenie. I love sewing with you.
    @ Patrice- I think her clock is wrong...

  4. That little watch would have come home with me also. I love the scissor hands.

    That little tree runner is adorable. I've saved the picture to make a couple of blocks in a Christmas quilt I want to make for my daughter.