Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Good Weekend

Well, today I got a ton of stuff done. Grocery shopping, cooking for the month, laundry etc. The only thing I got done sewing wise today were these:

Binding on the mini tree table runner that I made yesterday.

Sewed the words on and quilted and bound these little quiltlets:

I also showed Hannah how to sew tonight! Woohoo! She wanted to make a gift for her two best friends, so we decided on some wall hangings with pics of them and her on them. Here she is with her finished products:

Very proud of her..she did them all on her own! Now it is midnight and we are heading to bed. Night all!


  1. What a productive day you had. I really love the tree runner.

    The book Shelley gave you is one of my favourites and I want to make just about every quilt in it.

  2. You have been a very busy lady. Love the little quiltlets. Now that you've shown Hannah how to sew, you'll have to ask Santa to bring her a sewing machine of her own. :) Her friends are going to be thrilled with the gifts she made for them. Great job Hannah.

  3. What a great weekend and love the look on Hannah's face - she is so proud of her gifts!

  4. What a lovely way to show photos off. Are they photos or printed on fabric? What a clever girl.