Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesdays Musings

Haven't gotten much time in the sewing room, but I did start making some of the blocks for my Scrappy Crown of Thorns. This block has also been called Wedding Ring, I believe. I love this block and can't wait to get them all done and play around with how I want to set them. This is my reward for basting the Giant New York Sunflower quilt.

Now, onto my musings. Elaine left me a great comment down on my post about my UFO's. She talked about a little self examination on our UFO's and habits. She said she was afraid to dig too deep into that area in case she didn't like what she found! LOL She sure did make me smile, but she also made me dig a little. Why am I a fabrimaniac? Why do I collect them? Why do I freak over too many UFO's? Why does quilting touch my heart like no other textile work does? What do these fabrics mean to me? I think this post I will start with what fabrics and quilts mean to me. That seems to be the easiest.

My first random thoughts when I see a quilt are: warmth, home, love, coziness, weightiness, comfort, a hug, protection. I don't really know where these ideas come from. I didn't come from a family that had quilts or quilted. My nana was into small amounts of sewing..usually just mending, and she made the most amazing tablecloths that were crocheted with fine thread. My mom could crochet, but her art was knitting. I was lucky enough to be taught at a young age to do both of those by these wonderful ladies, and still do them, but quilting is what captures my heart. Maybe it's what I have read and seen on tv that has made me think of quilts in these ways. I love history (not the who was the President who did this and who fought in this war kind of history, but the history of PEOPLE and their lives.) I was (and am) a voracious reader all growing up and I read a lot of pioneer style books, diaries of women from those ages, etc.

When I was a young mom, I sewed ALL the clothes for the family. I loved doing it, but it wasn't a "calling" for me. Once I hit kiddo #4, that stopped as I just didn't have time anymore.

Quilting and fabric also mean "peace of heart" to me. Even when I can't get in the sewing room to work on a project, just walking in there and seeing those fabrics..pulling out a few and folding them prettier and putting them back..and yes..even smelling the fabrics relax me and take away stress. While I am confessing that I smell my fabric, I will also confess that I embarass my family tremendously by always having to smell my books before I open them and read them, too. Do NOT take me into a book store or I will be lovingly touching the front cover, opening the book and taking a few precious whiffs and feeling the weightiness of it in my hands.

Quilting is also (usually) a very solitary and spiritual thing for me to do. I am not big on quilting with others..here and there is nice, but I seldom get anything done then. That is the reason I have never joined a guild or bee. I am just happy to have my fabric and music and me. When I am quilting, I often talk to God. I pray about the person who will be the recipient, I think about them, I think about something I read in the Bible, etc. It gives me a lot of great time alone with God. The only other thing that I do that gives me as much time with God is my gardening. For some reason, both these hobbies are natural times for me with God. I can, and do, incorporate Him into other times, but they never seem to be as easy or as natural as these times. Hmm...that gives me a lot to think about!

I really think that a little bit of this love of quilting is my way of leaving a legacy. I have gave birth to and raised 6 kids and while I know that is my real legacy, I think a part of me wants to leave something else. Something that someone, years from now, will find and say, "Wow..look at those tiny stitches" or "This quilt was so loved..I can imagine the love that went into this one". I know it is not for the ego boost now, for as much as my family and friends love my quilts..to them it is mostly just one of my quirks. I don't make fancy quilts to enter into shows, I make quilts to love.

This really hasn't even touched the tip of this iceburg but it sure is an interesting start to this journey. Will update if I get any more thoughts on this and would love to hear any of your thoughts on this!

Back to piecing!


  1. I absolutely love the colors in the blocks. I've tried making the half square triangles but by the time I get them trimmed up they're so tiny it would take a million to make a quilt.

    Reenie your quilts are works of art and I marvel at the tiny stitches you make.

    I don't join groups and although I don't quilt much I spend time praying over the crocheted afghans that I make.

  2. glad to know im not the only one that smells the fabric... or just touching it relaxes me. thanks for sharing.