Thursday, June 10, 2010

An F'ing Day THAT made you notice, huh?? No, you won't hear those kind of words from me. The f'ing kinda day I am talking about is my music to quilt by...Freddy Fender and Foreigner. Both were my top picks for the day and they helped me accomplish a big part of my goal.

I have today off as I have to bring my Patrick to the neurologist today. About 2 1/2 weeks ago, he had a seizure. We think this might have been the second one in about 3 weeks. He hasn't had any seizures that we have seen in over 14 years, so we are not too happy about this. So, after the appointment and I am sure a test or two, I am assuming he will be back on seizure meds and we hopefully won't have to worry about these anymore.

Between an hour last night and this morning, I got my Barn Raising quilt all quilted. Tonight I will work on the binding and will get to cross UFO #1 off the list and better yet, get to gift this to Dan on Saturday for his birthday.

Will update on Patrick and quilt progress later!!


  1. Keep us updated about Patrick, Reenie! Saying a prayer that it all goes well. xo, marie

  2. Praying for Patrick as I type this. I'll ask for prayers at church tomorrow also.

    I hope you will post a picture of your Barn Raising quilt. I can't believe how fast you quilt. You'll be through that UFO list in no time.