Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Drive-by Blogging!

Just have a minute to spare and wanted to share the pics of my newest 9 patch top done. This was the one I was originallly working on when I had to stop and make Papa's quilt. I snagged the idea and made Papa's the the same colors..except I substituted family pics for his where the 9 patches are in this one. I used Moda's Glace for both..tho I made the solid border yellow in Papa's. This was on the Moda Bake Shop site, but I really want to give credit to Roslyn, over at Bloom, the shout out as she is the designer and I just love this pattern. Thanks, Roslyn!! Here is the quilt:

It measures in at 66"x91" and I just LOVE it!

Off to dinner now..catch you later!!


  1. That is beautiful. You're inspiring me to get back into quilting.

  2. love it.. love the border too

  3. What a striking quilt! Wonderful!