Friday, November 20, 2009


Hmm...why do we do procrastinate? One thing on my list of things to get done has been quilting my Loopy Over You quilt top. Know why it isn't done yet? All because I needed to sew the label on the back and couldn't quilt that section until it was done. Every day I would say..that is it...I am going to finish quilting that top. Then I would remember the label would need to go on and I wouldn't want to take the time to do that, so I would start up another project. Well, guess what? It took me all of 20 minutes today to put that label on. 20 measly minutes. Why on earth did I keep putting that off? Why did it seem so daunting when it was only a teensy tiny wrinkle of time? Hmm...good lesson learned. I am going to look at my projects and any that I haven't worked on because of some dopey reason I am just going to do!

Frugal tip: All my teensy bits of scraps that I would throw out automatically go in a pillow case and that is laid down into a shallow box near my computer. My cats snuggle up on that (they don't seem to mind when it is only 1/2 full). When it is full, I will sew up the end and start a new one. Happy cats, happy me and one less group of items for me to throw out!

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  1. Love the idea about the scraps and the pillow case. I may have to try that for Stanley

    Love and hugs Gina xxx