Saturday, November 7, 2009

and the race is on!

Well, as usual, I have BIG plans for getting so much accomplished this weekend. We all know how that goes. I am the eternal optimist, though, so we will see what actually happens!!
My hub and kids are off to our new store to get it painted up so it will be ready January 1st to move from our present location. That means Patrick and I will have the whole day to ourselves. First on my list to get done is the new Mysteries for Relay mystery # 11 quilt. That started Thursday and the final clue was posted last night. I have no idea what that is as I am only halfway through step 3 and that is step 7! Once again, I am making 2 twin to keep and one to donate. That is a total of 84 12 1/2 blocks I am working on..WHEW!! I also have 20+ swap blocks to make, a Thimbleberries quilt top to finish up and the usual household stuff. Wow..time to get going..say a prayer for meeeeeee!!!

1 comment:

  1. You sure ambitious this morning! I pray you get it all done! Will be waiting with baited breath for pictures!