Monday, November 16, 2009

Beautiful Swap Blocks

I just participated in a block swap with a great group of ladies over on the yahoo group, Tran-quilt-ity. It is a wonderful list and we have a good time sharing and encouraging over there. This swap was a "My Favorite" swap. It could be your favorite color, your favorite block, fabric, etc. What a decision!! This is what just came to me in the mail:

Aren't these wonderful???? I can't wait to get them altogether in a quilt top. Yet, wait I must. I still have that wonderful promise I made to myself not to add any more tops until I get some quilted. Damn me and my word!!
Anyway, not only did I get these beautiful blocks, but in the envelope was this little surprise:

Hmm...are you asking, "What could this be??" Are you intrigued, curiosity piqued?? Me,, too!! It's one thing to have a surprise that you the blocks...but an extra unplanned for goodie?? Sooo..I opened it and found this:
These are the pieces and directions to make not 1, not 2, but 24 butterfly appliques all precut and ready to go, sent by a dear new friend, Cheryl!! Poor, poor Cheryl. I know she didnt do this for only me. I can only imagine how her fingers hurt after cutting all these pieces!! Cheryl, if you are reading this..know that this meant the WORLD to me. I can't wait to make something fabulous with them and it will be named for you. Thank you, my friend!!!


  1. :-) Mine came, too!!! What fun!

  2. They are great. I can't wait until mine come. I see you got my favourite block that I made, the purple, red and orange star

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Aren't they all great?!?!?! Enjoy!!