Saturday, November 7, 2009

Possibilities for mystery #11 top

Well, I got all the blocks made for the Mysteries for Relay mystery #11 done! Now for deciding how I want to lay them out. Both of the tops I am making measure out to 72x84 WITHOUT borders! It was really hard for me to find a space to lay them out. I moved some stuff out of my kitchen and am using the floor in there. Unfortunately, it is hard to really get the picture of it when I am right on top of it when it is laying on the floor. So, I thought I would put the pictures on here where I can get a better perspective...and of course your opinion!! Marge gave us several alternate ideas for laying out our blocks besides the original, and I love them all. Here is quilt top #1 in the original layout:

What do you think? I will have to move some blocks around for better color placement, but I wanted to decide if this is the layout I wanted to go with. It is definitely different for me. I tend to go with pretty traditional things. I'm thinking I like it. Off to lay it out another way and will post that when I am done. BTW, if you click on the pic, you can see it better.
Here is another variation: is the last variation:

I think I know which one I am leaning towards...but how about you? Which one do you like the best?


  1. I like the first and 2nd one - but probably the 2nd one better.

    The 3rd one just is not doing it for me -but that's just me.

    Lovely fabric combination -and I love those bigger quilts! Great for a family snuggle!

  2. I like the second one!! They all look great though! Way to go on getting the sewing done!

  3. I've seen a lot of the Bento Box patterns (1st one) and I think after seeing all the layouts you showed, I'd go with option #3 b/c it looks like an original to me ;) I've never seen it before and I like it a lot!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  4. Love the second layout. Makes me want to make another Bento Box just to pinch that layout. LOL

    Love and hugs Gina xxxx

  5. Definately the 2nd layout....can't wait to see the final result.


  6. I love the bento box but am seeing them everywhere, so I would pick # 2 or #3 just to be different. do you have time to look up log cabin layouts and experiment with your blocks a bit more, I think a trip around the world layout might be worth getting a picture of.

    looks great, I always sew my blocks in sets as I go so I have missed the chance to explore alt layouts. cw

  7. I love the Bento Box! Of course, they are all beautiful. (I am worn out just thinking about you laying those all out over and over!)

  8. I like the first one the best. Just feels better on my eyes.


  9. I like the second one. What fun.

  10. I like the first the best, then also like the second. I don't get much from the third.

  11. Cool, cool, cool. Thanks for sharing this in your blog. Mine are laid out bento box style upstairs as I type this.I think I am going to add 4 more blocks to it because I would prefer it to be rectangular rather than square. (I've always wanted to do a bento box but never tried it.) Marge sure comes through for us doesn't she? Hope you will be sticking around -- you get so much done. (and, I bet you work outside the home don't you!)

  12. Although everyone calls this the Bento Box, I have to admit it is not. I started my quilt just to use up scraps, and ended up with some fairly boring Court House Steps blocks. I cut them in half and then in quarters, and came up with this pattern. I had not even seen the Bento Box until about a month later when I saw a quilt on someone’s blog, but no reference to the quilts name. A shop owner friend finally identified the Bento Box pattern for me.

    As for now, my pattern is still just called Nov 09 Mystery, but since so many people are asking for my pattern, I guess I will have to come up for another name for it.

    I like all of your variations Maureen, but am leaning towards #3 as my favorite.

  13. I like them all but lean towards the first one with the diagonal setting. Guess I really am a Jacob's Ladder fan! It's a great quilt!

  14. They all shine in their own way - I think, for me, it would depend on the recipient!
    The first one would be nice for a modern young person like my sister, the 2nd layout would be good for a more traditional person like my aunt, the 3rd would be awesome for a more unique person, like my brother or uncle..
    Good luck choosing, the colors are fabulous and any one you pick will look GREAT

  15. I normally tend to 1, but here I like 2 the best, though 3 has possibilities... Go 2!