Friday, November 13, 2009

A few warm fuzzies

I have had a busy week and little time for sitting and sewing. The weekend is looking even busier than that. My dad just came up today from Kentucky to visit me. I love having him here. We get far too little time together and I plan on spending every moment enjoying it. Tomorrow night we are heading up to Oswego to visit my daughter and son in law and let them show off their new house to Papa. We are going up there for dinner...which I get to bring up there! lol Good to still be needed. I doubt I will get much sewing in, but I'll see what I can squeak in.
In the meantime, here are some warm fuzzies I've been working on. I now have one sock done. I'm not sure I like this pattern, but it did work up fast and easy..always a plus!! It's mate is already started and hopefully I will soon have a pair.

Here are some dishcloths I started up while sitting on the beach this summer in Myrtle Beach. Yes, I was the only woman in a bathing suit sitting on the beach KNITTING! I can't just sit..have to be doing something useful! Funny thing is, one of my online pals, Jill, just started a knitting class and these are the exact ones she learned to make!! They are fun, aren't they, Jill?? What good taste we have!

And here are a few more I finished up. They aren't blocked yet, but you get the idea. This was a fun pattern, too. One I could definitely make more of.

I have a bag filled with knitting supplies that usually sits in my car so whenever I have a few minutes....lunch at work, waiting for kids, sitting on a beach on vacation, etc, I can just stitch away. Just like in quilting, nothing better than the click click of knitting needles or the stitch stitching of my sewing machine on cold western New York nights!! Hope everyone has a warm, wonderful weekend!!


  1. How funny that we made the same thing! I love how easy they are! Good luck on the second sock!! Your dish cloths look awesome!

  2. the knitting looks awesome!!! tempting tempting!!!