Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today's project

Patrick wasn't very willing for me to sew today. He wanted more of my attention. So, we decided to settle in to the living room to watch some tv together after we got the housework done. I couldn't just sit there, so I got my box of fabric that I pulled ages ago to get ready to cut.
These fabrics are for a quilt that I thought of and then just couldn't go to sleep because I was so excited!! I'm still not sure when I will start this one, but having it all cut and ready to go is soooooooo exciting!!! There is a lot of cutting involved. If I did my calculations right, there will be around 11,060 pieces in this quilt top. This one is for me and my bedroom, so there is no pressure to get it done so I think I will just take my time enjoying the making of it! If all goes well, tonight after Patrick is in bed, I will get up in the sewing room and get the Snowballs in Spring top sandwiched and quilted. Wish me luck!!


  1. now I want to see your 'vision' for the quilt, eleven thousand is a lot of pieces- lol

  2. Those are pretty colours! Are you going to show us the pattern, or make use wait till you've put all those bits of fabric together?