Thursday, February 9, 2012

I am so excited!!

This Saturday is the first Christmas Quiltalong of this year!! This year it is set up differently. Each month there will be a different hostess so Sue gets to play along and enjoy with the rest of us! Each hostess gets to decide how they want to run the quiltalong in their month. Some may have special projects, some may have interesting Christmas trivia or recipes, etc! How cool is THAT?? That isn't even the BEST part! Sue has come up with a mystery quilt for this year's Quiltalong! Each month, the hostess will provide the next clue and don't will have time to finish this up for the holiday!! This Saturday is Hazel's turn, so make sure you come join us and get a start on those Christmas projects!! Hmm..I still need to pick one for me to work on!! I haven't posted in a while because I was sick...AGAIN. Stupid colds! I swear, everyone here in western NY is sick and it is all because we haven't gotten the snow and cold we normally get! This one took me 5 days to feel better. 5 days of being off of work and doing NOTHING. What a waste! I did do some minor things: hemmed curtains for my sister in law, patched a quilt for my mother in law and made one set of drapes for my daughter's living room....3 more sets to go! I did get the entire top for 100 blocks magazine made. And then...I hated it. So, I spent a day ripping the entire thing apart and remaking half the blocks. Put it all back together and now I love it! So, now to sandwich it, quilt it and get it off to the magazine! Yay!! Tonight was my quilt league and I managed to get 10 sets of blocks done for the Mysteries for Relay Mystery #23 quilt done. It is a Jacob's Ladder! I was worried when I found out what it was that my color choices wouldn't work, but after laying out the blocks that I have done, I like it! Here it is so far....I have 5 more sets of blocks to finish up:
Let's see..was there anything else? Nope...don't think so. Sigh..what a depressing post...not much to show you, but hopefully there will be goodies to show you during the Quiltalong this Saturday! Hope to see you there!!!


  1. I hope to be there. I have a small holiday project to work on.

  2. Sorry about your cold. I hope you're feeling better now. You're so right, having days off work cos you're sick always seems such a waste!

  3. Oh dear - someone else doing more unpicking than sewing! Always best to be sure & not plough on anyway then hate it at the end though. The quilt top looks FAB - I love your colour choices - the browns/blues/cream go really well together.

    See ya tomorrow! :-)

  4. First, I blame lots of this weird weather, including my illnesses. Nothing out there to kill the germs or bugs, look out this summer.

    Second LOVE your Jacob's Ladder. Love the colors and how well they coordinate with the carpet too, LOL!