Thursday, February 16, 2012

4 Patches 4 Hope

I got an email today from my friend, Kathy, and what she said really hit home. Apparently, Kathy ws visiting my blog and started checking out some of the blogs on my sidebar. When she went to Regina's blog,she read up on 4 Patches 4 Hope, a program that Regina had started up for cancer patients in honor of her mother who had just passed away from cancer. Kathy though it would be a good idea for me to tell everyone about it as Regina has approximately 1200 4 patches now and she wanted to reach 4000 by the end of February. Why is it we sometimes need someone else to show us what is so obvious? I go to Regina's blog all the time.. and never even thought about writing about this terrific endeavor of Regina's. So, time may be running out, but I know Regina will gladly accept any and all 4 patches even after the end of February. Anyone in on this with me??? Here is the website with all the info: Tonight I have completed the 30 blocks for my Mysteries for relay mystery quilt. Here they all are...not put together yet: '
I really love how this turned out! The best part is that the 4 patches in it are the exact size Regina is looking for and I have lots of leftover strips from making these that I can use to make 4 patches to donate to Regina!! Yay! Thanks, Marge, for another wonderful mystery! I can't wait to see what you come up with for us next month! Now, off for more sewing. I think I am going to sandwich up the 100 Blocks magazine quilt next. Then I will finish up those 4 patches and maybe even get this Jacob's lqdder put together. I LOVE quilt league! I also love friends who remind you of what is what.Thanks, Kathy, for everything.....miss you and hope we can get together soon!

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  1. Thanks Reenie!!! I love your quilt - and yes, I will continue to accept and use any and all 4 patches even after February 28th. We are rapidly closing in on the 4000 mark - I am just shy of 3000 now, but I have a stack of envelopes on my table, and a large bag full from quilters in Webster and Irondequoit that are yet to be counted and definitely number in the hundreds. Two quilts are fully done, and we are plugging away on more, with my first delivery planned for Easter Week. Hugs to you for helping spread the word!!