Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Night Quilt League

Wow..did I EVER need some good sewing therapy!! This has been a rough week at work and I have been so busy painting the kitchen and canning garden goodies that I thought I would never see my sewing room again. I find I start getting agitated if I don't spend some time up here. Does that happen to you? I did manage to do some handquilting a few evenings, but the pull to come up to my quilt cave was strong! Tonight I worked on making the 4 patches for the Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt:
There they are...130+ of the little buggers. I am so glad that part is done. Now comes the fun part of putting the blocks together! I think I will get at least a few of them put together tonight..I can't wait to see them! I also got this wallhanging put together:
I know it is a rotten pic, but it IS 11 at night and the light in my sewing room is horrible. This was a kit I bought when I was checking out a new shop in town with Shellie. The stitches from the appliqueing are what quilt it together, which is why you see batting under it already. So, I just need to pick out a backing and get this machine appliqued. I have been avoiding getting back to quilting my Mercy House quilt. I WILL get it done this weekend so I can start quilting up another one to donate to them. Why do I balk at things like this? It isn't hard, it will go by fast..who knows. I just got the letter that the test blocks for Quiltmakers 100 block magazine #5 will be coming to me shortly. I can't believe it is time to start that up again! I am so excited!!!


  1. Yes, happens to me too! Love your applique piece.

  2. Wow!! that turned out wonderful!! I love it! You are getting so much finished. I do hope you realize this! Way to go!!