Saturday, October 8, 2011

October's Christmas Quiltalong

Well, I will be getting a late start on the quiltalong today as I get to paint the kitchen today. After work this past week I have spackled and sanded the walls, painted the ceiling and painted the windows. That leaves just painting the walls for today. Yay!!! I am probably the only person who has ever brought one of these in to match the paint color:
This will be my accent color and is going on 2 walls and the other walls are going to be an antique white. After that I will be sewing, though I am not sure on what yet. I still have one quilt that is only 1/3 quilted so I really should finish that. I would also like to quilt A Simple Man's Christmas. Can't wait to see what everyone else is up to! I still have a few packages left from my mystery bag of unfinished projects that I purchased a while ago to share. Here is another one:
These are all handpieced, also. Aren't the fabrics great? When do you think these were made just by looking at the fabrics? Well, off to paint. Will check in later!!


  1. I do love those fabrics and think the blocks are more precious because of the hand sewing. They will make a beautiful project. Just a note to let you know that your link on Cathi's blog is off because of a misspelling. But I found you anyway:}

  2. What's spackling?

    I love this mystery package of yours. I would think the fabrics are probably 50's or 60's.