Saturday, June 18, 2011


So, I just realized that we have a graduation party NEXT Saturday that I need to have a quilt for! YIKES! Woulnd't be so bad, but we are just finishing up having a $9,000 septic system put in. Yes...9,000 for the privilege of flushing..sigh. Anywho, my backyard looks like this:

My front yard looks like this:

We HAVE to get at least the backyard cleaned up ASAP as I have another big vegie garden that needs to go in NOW. Also, as you can imagine with all that dirt around, my house inside is horrible. I planned on cleaning inside all day and working outside all tomorrow. Now to add a quilt in. And after spending all this money on the septic, there is NO extra money around.

So, I know the girl that the quilt is for like purple, so I raided my stash for that. Find enough pieces of batting that I can piece together. I had bought a queen size cotton sheet set on clearance at Target for 3.74 that I am going to use in this quilt also. Brought my machine and supplies downstairs into the kitchen so I can work on it between cleaning jobs. So far I have everything cut and have been chain piecing like mad:

I now have everything chainpieced and now have to cut them apart and put them into blocks.

I have been cleaning something, then sewing, clean something, then sew. Now off to clean again! Will update as I go!!

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  1. Yikes is right! But being the over-achiever that you are, the quilt will be done & beautiful! So you can stop worrying about it. Just be thankful the party isn't in your back yard....then that would really be a get out of town YIKES! LOL Good Luck! SandraJ_SC