Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just a TAD outta control???

I was picking up my sewing room a bit and almost went into shock when I saw a HUGE pile on my shelves. A HUGE pile of what, you ask? A HUGE pile of shirts that I have collected to use in my quilts. I have been so busy using up scraps, that I haven't touched any pieces of fabric. How can I come in this room so often and NOT have seen how many shirts I had piled up??? The pictures may not look like much, but there is a grand total of 71 shirts here waiting to be used!!!



So, a new challenge to myself. Let's see how many quilts I can make out of these shirts. I think the bigger challenge will be to make quilts that don't all look like each other since a lot of the shirtings are similar. I am STOKED about this challenge. I will use other scraps or materials if needed, but I want each of my challenge quilts to be at made of at least 75% of the shirts. This is going to be so cool. I can't wait to see what happens to a lot of patterns that I love when shirtings are used in them. These kinds of quilts always look so inviting to me! I have seen some amazing quilts made from shirtings and I will be busy looking them up again.

So, since I have a little bit of sewing time today, I decided to start the blocks for my Scatty Christmas Stars quilt that have been posted monthly for those doing the Christmas quiltalong. Mine will be a homespun Christmas quilt! Here are the 5 shirts (sheesh..I know...5 out of the 71 seems ridiculous, but hey...it's a start!!) that I am going to use for this quilt:

Will post pics of the finished blocks when I am done!


  1. I love it!! I've got a bunch of my son's shirts that I'm going to use in a quilt and I've got several patterns picked out that will work. I also have a bunch of boxer shorts :-D -- hey, they are plaid and 100% cotton!! So I can't wait to see what all you can get out of that many!!
    Mary Lou

  2. Love these -and if you ever want to swap shirts for yardage - CALL ME!!! I am in the market for some more shirts....