Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tonight's update and some sad news!

Well, as you can see I got the first set of blocks done for the Christmas Scatty Stars quilt done. Was going to start on the next set, but I myself am feeling scatty and wanted to move on to something else

So, I decided to make the next block for my Folk Art Tribute quilt. Only 3 more blocks to go!! Yay! I had saved them to my computer because Dawn, at Linen Closet Quilts, had stated that as of June 1, the pattern would be taken down and up for purchase. So, tonight I pulled up the next block and to my dismay, it wasn't there! lol Apparently when she removed the pattern, it removed it completely from googledocs which is what I had saved it on. Sigh..only to me could that happen!! I did send Dawn a note to see if there was anything that could be done. So close...yet so far! lol Well, if nothing else, this quilt taught me that I do like applique...especially since I was letting my machine do it for me! lol

Now, off to figure what else to work on. Not like I don't have a million things!!

Ps...Oh..I am so glad to see that Mary Lou at Cheaper than Therapy quilting is going to be working on a quilt or two from shirts, also. I have asked her to be my "shirt buddy"! lol I figured we could share any great patterns that might work well with these fabrics. Anyone else game for it? Or have any great pattern?

Update #2

Mary Lou gave me a great inspiration and doesn't even know it! You see, I was thinking about her, and if I remember correctly she is from Kentucky. My dad also lives in Kentucky and when I was down there last year, I bought myself the Hobo Quilts book:

What quilt could be more perfect for old shirts than this? So, I made the first two blocks tonight:

Now, bath, book and bed are calling my name. I have tomorrow off, so Hannah and I are getting up early to pick strawberries. If I can get enough, I will be making jam and freezing a bunch. Then some major time out in the garden and getting my hair done. Who knows..maybe I can sneak in time to make another Hobo block or two!


  1. The Hobo Quilt!! How cool is that!! I have the book and hadn't decided what fabrics to use with it. Homespuns or shirts would work beautifully, wouldn't they? :-)
    Thanks for the shout-out!! I've sent you an email of a few of the quilts I'm thinking about doing with shirts!
    Mary Lou

  2. Nice work. I have not worked with plaids or shirts 'cause I did not know what to do with them. You have given me some ideas. Our project is coming along nicely. Finished quilting last night, should be completed by Friday.


  3. I love it. You're a nut.... next work on the Underground Railroad quilt.