Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quilt league and ugly fabric

Yay! Tonight is my quilt league!! Getting a little bit of a late start to it as I had to post all the pics for the Ugly Fabric Challenge. Wow..just wow!! You have GOT to check out the projects the 16 participants made!! Here is the link:

You may remember that this is the ugly fabric we all had to work with:

The 3 projects with the most votes gets some wonderful fat quarters!! I did put a project in, but don't get to vote as I know who made what. Now...if you do go look..which project do you think is mine?

I should be quilting the graduation quilt, but I have no one to watch Patrick downstairs right now, so think I will bring my machine downstairs and do some piecing. The Lord knows I have a LOT of works in progress to choose from! lol

Will update later!


  1. just goes to show there is no such thing as an ugly fabric. great job everyone, dibs on the chicken quilt! looks like you all had a fun time. cw

  2. Reenie -- I'm just catching up on your blog ... I've been traveling a bit in June. UGH on the septic redo. Bummer. Yea on the applique finish and the table runner. I really like the "real" colors of the graduation quilt. And, I am in awe that you can pull that much purple from your stash. Purple is the one color I don't have much of, although now that I think of it I've made at least 2 wall hanging size quilts with purples. Where did the rest go? Love your quilt league nite. Hum, I wonder if I should do that too? Although I don't have the distractions (work, kids at home) like you do yet it has been 2 weeks nearly since I've used my sewing machine. Sigh. B.