Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Snow Day!!

Okay..well, not really. I just thought for those of you who are as tired of this heat as I am this summer, these would be a refreshing change to look at. Wasn't too long ago we had this..and won't be too long again here in western NY!

I did get a TON of work done on my Allegany Rings. I have all but the outside borders quilted and now I am stumped on what I want to do on them. Sigh..any ideas??
With any luck, one of you will have a great answer or I will be inspired while I sleep tonight and will get this quilt all done tomorrow. Will post pics as soon as I do!!


  1. I hate to say that I'm looking forward to winter because it will probably be as crazy as the summer was. I'm sure you will figure out waht you want to do with the borders. All your quilt project turn out beautiful.

  2. How refreshing. My idea. Scroll - ~ with a heart then ~ scroll. all around. heart would be horizontal like I type not vertical <3. You know country look.

    Anyway good luck. LOve the chills.

  3. LOL---PURE EVIL! ;0)

    Followed your blog from Quiltvillechat. Thanks for linking it ;0) LOVE the jitterbug AND Allegany Rings; beautiful fabrics!!!!