Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am on the quilter's diet plan

As we all know, quilters are an obsessive bunch. We NEED our fabric/sewing fix. Apparently we need it enough to even venture into our stifling hot sewing rooms to get our fix. My house is old..very old. Most of the windows are so old, you can't open them or they will fall out...literally. We have no air conditioning and the fans only push the hot air into your face. Yet...in the sauna...I mean sewing room I go. The good news is I bet I sweat at least 3 pounds off tonight. I got the backing pieced for Allegany Rings and I got it all sandwiched.

That is about it for tonight. Patrick had another seizure yesterday evening and then vomited as soon as I put him to sleep last night. Since he has cerebral palsy, he can't roll over or move his head out of the way when that happens, so it is my worst nightmare. I am terrified he will vomit and choke to death. That being said, I stayed up last night to keep an eye on him and boy, am I whooped now. He, of course, has been fine ever since. We started him on seizure meds tonight, so please say a prayer that they work and my kiddo is okay.
Off to the pool to cool off before I go to sleep. I figure if this heat wave holds on and I keep sewing, I should be able to drop 10 pounds by the end of the week!!


  1. I've added Patrick to my prayer list.

    I grew up in a house like you described. I can remember my mom having dad move her sewing machine out onto the back porch so she could sew where it was a little cooler. It was one of the really old treadle machines with the little tiny wheels on it. Wish I had that machine now.

  2. Sending positive energies for you and Patrick

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. Prayers.... and love.
    You do not need to loose 10lbs... I do. Maybe I should turn off the air. LOL
    Much love.