Sunday, July 11, 2010

Post vacation craziness

Talk about a hot week away! The weather was too stifling to go hiking, so we hung out at the cabin and spent a lot of time in the shade at the lake. Was a very relaxing vacation. I didn't get hardly any stitching done at all...a little bit of hand quilting on The Giant New York Sunflower, but that was it. Too hot to have that heavy quilt on me!
Of course coming home also means doing a ton of work..doing all that camping laundry, cleaning up the house and worst of all..catching up on a week's worth of garden and yard work. I swear the vegies grew 2 feet due to all this heat! I even lost about half of my flowered while I was gone. The weeds also went crazy, so I spent yesterday afternoon and today taking care of them. I did manage to freeze about 10 quart size bags of the broccoli and canned about 5 quarts of pickled beets. Don't they look pretty?

I am hoping to get into the sewing room tonight, but my arms are so tired out from the heavy weeding, I don't know if I will get much accomplished. I really need to, though, as Marge over at Mysteries for Relay is having a free mystery starting next weekend, I think, and I really want to do it! I have never been disappointed by her mysteries. Unfortunately, I still have only completed 1 UFO and I am not letting myself start anything else until I have 5 done. So, I better get my tookus in gear!!


  1. It's amazing how quickly the weeds grow isn't it. They seem to grow far quicker than the flowers

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Those pickled beets look so good. Love the rich dark red color. I've been pulling grass from my Iris bed and can barely keep up with it. I'm still gathering bits and pieces of material to get back into quilting. Maybe by fall.

  3. Glad to see you back! We are neck deep in gardening as well!

  4. Oh come on, do the mystery anyway ... do it smaller. Join me! I've got the fabs picked out. Tomorrow I'll be cutting them along with some other fabrics. (actually that million pieces quilt from Mysteries for Relay!) Hope you join us! B.