Saturday, May 8, 2010

So far, so good

It is a cold, rainy, nasty, perfect day for sewing here in western NY. So far I have made a dozen napkins (boy, were the old ones threadbare!!):

I also got the swap block top done:

I made it into a big heart...with Marie Bostwick's heart block in the center as she was the one who got us all together. It really symbolizes the heart and kindness I have seen in all the women who participate in the Cobbled Court quilters. I am still not sure on the borders, though. I might have to change those. What do you think?


  1. Do you make napkins with normal fabric? I may have to make some up for us! I like the top - love the shape of the hearts in a bigger heart, and I like the green and blue borders, but the pink one doesn't do much for me...maybe it is too light in the midst of the darks? Maybe red would be better since there is so much red in the hearts.

  2. I love your napkins.....the quilt is Beautiful just the way it is to me......I really Love the way you did the heart lay out......
    Prayers, Bo

  3. I use to make napkins everytime I found a pannel with focus designs I liked.
    I like the top, the pink is light, but not light enough to change. What about embroidery (or perm.marker) the names and city of each participant in the pink, that will darken it up a bit and give you a reminder of who you worked with. (or you could do a saying that you like) cw

  4. You are so clever. I love the layout; it fits you and our group perfectly.
    Napkins are awesome. You are so green.

  5. Reenie -- hey gal -- you are getting things done. I am not! Boo hoo! Your little hand quilted piece is great. I love the pattern. In fact, didn't realize it was so small until I read the size. (I am way behind on reading blogs and have been skimming some!) But needed to tell you I was laughing out loud over the ventilated undies! I can remember my grandmother always saying have on decent undies. Thanks for the good laugh. And, get that needle and thread out and repair. (UGH I hate to do repairs although I will on occasion.)